The Australian  Sportswoman

Make Your Way To The Match In Style 

Why Choose Us?

The Australian Sportswoman (The ASW) is a brand that celebrates the first gold medal won by an Australian female athlete, Sarah ‘Fanny’ Durack, during the 1912 Stockholm Summer Olympics, with our logo reflecting the colours of our rich sporting history and Australian culture.

The ASW's motto, "Make Your Way To The Match In Style" encourages all to embrace our love of fashion and passion for our female athletes by sporting our apparel proudly, in combination with supporting and promoting womens sport in Australia.

As our brand continues to build upon exciting launches in 2019 and inspiring young girls to dream big, we want to thank you for choosing us.

We look forward to you joining our exclusive team and seeing you out and about, whether it be on the sporting fields or in the stands. 

The Australian Sportswoman apparel is more about quality over quantity and I like this because it feels exclusive, like I'm part of a winning team that supports our amazing female athletes and sporting teams in Australia.

Kerri Knight
Podiatry Practice Manager

About The Founder

Trae McGovern


My name is Trae (Tracie) McGovern and I’m the Founder of The Australian Sportswoman (The ASW). I grew up in a small country town on the Mid North Coast of NSW called Wauchope. 

As a talented athlete I was inspired by the inclusion of Women’s Football into the Olympics. But to realise my dream of playing for the Matildas, I had to move away from home during the late 90’s.  For a young country girl this was a big move. 

On the 16th November 1997 I made my debut in Lismore against China, earning me my Football Federation Australian cap number 102.

Eventually, the lack of financial security and career pathways for women in sport lead me away from football and into a new career in the Mining Industry. It was during this time I rediscovered my love for health, fitness and sport. I also went on to meet my loving supportive partner and we became parents. 

The ASW was founded on the idea of re-connecting and sharing my passion for sport with my partner and two daughters in an era where the Matildas have become Australia’s golden girls and many other teams and female athletes are shining a bright light on women’s sport through their world class performances. 

For me, The Australian Sportswoman is about building a brand that supports our young up and coming sports girls, and inspires you, the fans, to enjoy women's sport in style with friends and family.

I really look forward to you joining our exclusive team and I can not wait to see you all "make your way to the match in style" with The Australian Sportswoman.